Thursday, February 01, 2018

Wind turbine blown down

The blown down wind turbine near Epina (Images:
The recent gales and storm force winds have blown down one of La Gomera's two wind tubines situated on a high ridge near the village of Epina in the island's west. The two windmills there were erected in 1996 and ironically the one destroyed had only recently been refurbished, while the other which survived the gales was turned off at the time of the incident awaiting refurbishment. The two wind turbines generated over 500 kw/h of electricity last year. The strong winds gusted over 100 km/h in La Gomera's mountains several times in recent days and for the next few days it will stay very windy and gusty in exposed areas. Warnings of strong winds gusting 75 km/h have been issued for Friday Feb.2nd 2018, and for Saturday. For Saturday there's an additional warning of rough seas. However, even today it is very windy here again and the weather station on La Gomera's highest peak recorded a wind gust of 93 km/h at 9:40 am.

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