Thursday, February 15, 2018

Superfast catamaran in port

The catamaran 'Gemini 3' (above) visited Vueltas harbour today. This superfast ocean racer can reach speeds of over 38 knots (about 70 km/h) under sail, has won many races and even broken a few records in recent times. The ultra-modern design with the towering 100+ ft mast  and ultra-wide 44 ft beam is an impressive sight. The vessel is one of the fastest sailing vessels in the world and was built for skipper Roman Paszke, sailing under the Polish flag. 
More and more yachts are visiting Vueltas port, showing the need for a marina (most yachts have to anchor in the bay now) and proper facilities. This in turn would generate much-needed employment and extra revenue.
Gemini 3 showing off the very tall mast against the backdrop of La Gomera's towering cliffs                     

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