Monday, February 05, 2018

Yoga lesson for dog owners

Sorry, but that's the most aesthetic example I could find. Note the sulphur powder that had been spread to deter dogs.
Yoga for dog owners in just 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Bend over
Step 2: Pick up your dog's poo
(This exercise is known as the 'downward dog position')
Step 3: Put it in a bin and relax with a grin.
...sadly La Gomera, too, suffers from too many poorly trained pet owners.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed that there are quite alot of dogs around in VGR. And many of them walks around without leash and even though it is fordidden to let the dogs go to the beach, there they go just as anywhere else. I would like to point out that even thoug VGR attracts certain kind of easy going and laid back people (and their dogs in some cases). The dog owners should always remember that their pets are always just animals and are driven by animal instincts. I mean that you (pet owner) should always have control over your dog (leash) to prevent any harmful event from happening. I've wittnessed few of this kind of events lately, one of them in VGR. In all these cases dogs were near of their owners but not in their control. Just remember that dogs or other animals just don't really share your ideology of careless and free lifestyle you might have. They are just animals and do what animals do by nature. It is your resposibility to see that your dog doesent cause any problems to other people.