Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The new municipal mayors of La Gomera

Angel Piñero of  Valle Gran Rey (Image:
Valle Gran Rey: 
Angel Piñero has been elected mayor of this municipal area on La Gomera last Saturday. His Coalicion Canaria party came out strongest in the recent local elections, winning four of the eleven seats on the local council but unable to gain a majority. However, his candidature was supported by all but the two Si Se Puede councillors and it now appears he will form a minority local government with the support of most elected councillors.
The other 5 municipal mayors on La Gomera were elected as follows:

San Sebastian de La Gomera: 
Now ruled by the new socialist party ASG (6 seats)  in coalition with Antonio Luis Arteaga of Nueva Canarias (1 seat) with Adasat Reyes  of the ASG as mayor. 

Emiliano Coello of the ASG elected mayor with absolute majority held by the ASG.

Rosa Chinea (ASG) is new mayor, also with absolute majority of the seats held by her party.

Pedro Negrín of CC (2 seats) elected mayor, forming local government in coalition with ASG (2 seats) and PSOE (1seat). Former mayor Solveida Clemente's party is now in opposition with four seats.

Manuel Ramón Plasencia of the Spanish Labour Party PSOE managed to go against the trend on La Gomera, now being the only mayor to be re-elected with his party gaining an absolute majority of the seats.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Man injured as gaping hole opens in road

©Twitter Las Palmas Police reports:
‘Swallowed’ by hole in road
A Las Palmas man had a lucky escape after falling into a gaping hole which opened up in a road as he was standing on the spot.
28.05.2015 -  The 63-year-old required hospitalisation due to the injuries suffered when the ground below him gave way in Calle Artenara in the Las Torres industrial estate in the Gran Canaria capital.  A parked car was also damaged when it plunged into the hole, crashing to the bottom and ending up on its side.  
The spot is a loading bay outside a company based in the industrial estate and the mysterious subsidence led to a major operation to winch the vehicle out, once two other cars parked perilously on the edge had been removed.
An investigation has been ordered into the incident and engineers from the Roads Department and the city’s water company are examining how to rebuild the section affected.