Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ron Howard explains new movie

In the video below by Empireonline Ron Howard (above with La Gomera in the background, image © Jonathan Prime-Warner Bros.breaks down the latest trailer for his soon to be released movie 'In the Heart of the Sea' (see my previous post) and explains the story behind it, as well as talking about the dedication of the actors.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New trailer for Ron Howard film shot on La Gomera

Above is the latest official trailer for the film 'In The Heart Of The Sea', directed by Ron Howard and shot partially on location in La Gomera. It was published by Warner Bros. only a couple of days ago. The film, which stars Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy among others, is due for release on  December 11th this year in most parts of the world.
I'm really looking forward to finally see the movie, especially as I had the luck to have been working on the set as a double during the shooting of many scenes at sea just off La Gomera, now almost two years ago.