Monday, May 23, 2016

Air-to-air missile found on La Gomera

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The explosives and bomb disposal unit of the Spanish police Guardia Civil had to be dispatched from Tenerife South airport to La Gomera after a viable air-to-air missile was found on La Gomera near the main road in the sleepy banana-growing village of La Dama on the south coast yesterday.

The damaged missile with the words 'cabeza de guerra', meaning warhead, measured three metres long and weighed 80 kilos and was successfully defused in what was said to be a 'difficult and very complex operation'. Its origin is most likely the squadron of jet fighters of the Spanish airforce which is based at Gando airport on Gran Canaria and probably 'lost' the missile during exercises when flying over La Gomera.
Thank God it didn't explode.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No news is good news

It's spring time on La Gomera island and off-season. Spring and early summer are La Gomera's most quiet times and there isn't much to report.
However I can reassure my readers that I'm regularly in contact with my winter exile and I follow the local media. Should anything worth reporting happen there I will of course bring it to you on this blog...