Saturday, August 31, 2013

360º views of La Gomera launched

The brains behind La Gomera's official tourism site have launched a virtual tour of the island. It shows a map where you can select one of many viewpoints all over the island and then it will display an interactive 360º view of the area. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Ron Howard's film set on La Gomera for 'In the Heart of the Sea' encounters bureaucratic obstacles

Local tradesmen from electricians to painters could apply at the town hall of Alajero to be hired for the shooting of Ron Howard's next film 'In the Heart of the Sea' until noon yesterday, but a problem with permits by local authorities was reported by local media at the same time.
It appears that most permits necessary have been obtained by the production company, but there is a delay of with some permits that are needed, e.g. one for the removal of a minor structure (an outdoor oven or barbecue) which is in the way of the large set. The most important documents and permits have been obtained and some concern 'Costas', a state authority that controls a narrow strip of land along all Spanish coasts, including all beaches. The main area to be used in the shooting of 'In the Heart of the Sea' on La Gomera is the remote 'Playa de Tapahuga' beach where most of the elaborate set including a large water basin will be constructed. While the town from which Tapahuga is accessed is Playa de Santiago in the municipality of Alajero, this beach is administered by the island's capital San Sebastian. 
Now sources close to Warner Brothers are concerned that the slowness and lack of coordination shown by the various authorities involved in all the bureaucratic paperwork is putting La Gomera as a film location at risk.
It is hoped that the final permits will soon be issued as the rehearsals for the film have already begun near London and work on the film set on La Gomera is due to begin very soon. 
Ron Howard tweeted this picture from a production meeting in London a  few days ago (right).
The film:
Interest in the production and the new film has been very strong, but again and again it is being called 'a remake of Moby Dick', which it is NOT. Melville's Moby Dick is a work of fiction based on two separate stories. One of them was the story of the whaling ship 'Essex' in 1820  which was for about 100 years the most talked about tragedy at sea until the Titanic sank. The other story that had fascinated Melville was an account of the difficult killing of an albino whale in the late 1830s. He worked the two stories into his famous novel of American Romanticism, which was many years later adapted for film.
'In the Heart of the Sea' is the meticulously researched account of the loss of the whaler 'Essex' and the ordeal the crew went through. It was written by Jonathan Philbrick and published in 2000 by Viking Press, winning the National Book Award in the US for its maritime history in the same year. Ron Howard's film intends to follow the true history of the 'Essex' as correctly told by Philbrick and will not concern itself with Melville's 'Moby Dick' fiction. That's the story, and I'm hoping for a great movie. The island of La Gomera is expecting an injection of five million Euros into the local economy by the film production and about 150 jobs.

Update 21-09-2013: Work begins on La Gomera set for Ron Howard movie
Update Nov. 4th:Ron Howard's Heart of the Sea getting ready to roll on location La Gomera. Latest images of preps + props ++

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two Irishwomen arrested on Gran Canaria

''The two women were caught in a slot machine/games premises in Maspalomas trying to pay with a false €20 note. At the time of the arrest they were accompanied by their six children, all minors. Their explications for the origins of the note were found to be unsatisfactory and arresting officers found that they were in possession of more of the forged money, several receipts for purchases made in the area and a large amount of legal money in sterling and euros. Police found other businesses in the area where the pair had tried to pay with false notes, and believe that several more cases will come to light. It seems that on occasion the children were used to change the bills or pay for purchases. The women are in custody and the children have been sent to a centre for the protection of minors.''

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two bands to play this Saturday

After last Saturday's wild rock'n'roll'n'punk night in La Gomera's capital, alternative music can be enjoyed again in a somewhat milder version in the sleepy southern town of Playa de Santiago this Saturday, August 31st 2013, from 8.30pm. The place is suddenly beginning to buzz with the confirmed news that Ron Howard will soon transform the small town to a Hollywood film set with the production of 'In the Heart of the Sea' this autumn. The poster (below) looks awful, but the two Tenerife bands,'La Isla Music' and 'So What!' are promising new original rock/pop acts. It is 'alternative leisure' in the town square as the poster promises, but not as cheesy as the same, and it's all for free. Worth supporting.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mysterious light seen in the sky

Approx.the area of Sunday's sighting of the light
On social media in the Canaries and even on the forum of Canary Islands' air traffic control there were multiple reports of sighting 'a strong light about the size of a full moon' in the sky to the north of Tenerife on Sunday night. The light lasted for about three seconds just before 10.30pm and emergency services received calls from concerned citizens. The light was also spotted from  Madeira and there it was seen to the south of the Portuguese island. At least five pilots flying planes in the area also radioed reporting the light about 200 miles north of Tenerife.  Various theories have been put forward to explain the phenomenon, including a UFO, falling debris from a satellite, naval/military exercises and distress flares but most of these explanations have been ruled out by experts of the IAC (Institute of Astrophysics Canarias) and the their explanation is that probably a larger meteorite fell into the Atlantic in the area.
They also said that this is not a very unusual phenomenon. However, the size and the brightness reported were spectacular and all the large observatories in the Canaries seemingly didn't spot it.
I remember seeing a similar event to the west off La Gomera a few years ago just after sunset. It was really mind-boggling and gave the little remaining daylight in the western sky  an unreal bright greenish/blueish hue for a couple of seconds. It certainly left the few of us who saw it with our hair standing on end.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Science in Canaries now depending on aid from... AFRICA ?!

The  Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health of the Canary Islands, based at the university of Tenerife is having great difficulties in continuing their research programmes as a result of the cutbacks by the central Spanish government in Madrid. As a result the local government of Tenerife has been looking for sponsorship for the institute from abroad and the private sector. ''We weren't going to close the institute, because that would have been irresponsible, but our research was in jeopardy'', said the director of the Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health, Basilio Valladares.''If the Spanish administration considers other things more important, then I simply don't believe that, and as I'm a practical person I feel that if the money doesn't come from the one source, I'll have to look elsewhere.''
Now the national government of Senegal were the first to step into the breach by allocating 325.000 Euros in the African state's 2014 budget to continuing research at the Canary Islands' institute. The Cabildo (government) of Tenerife is in negotiations with several more African countries like Angola and Nigeria trying to get more aid from African countries for science and research in the Canary Islands.
When I read the report in the local media I first didn't believe my eyes, but it really seems that the cutbacks in this part of 'Europe' have reached such a level that we, who are considered to be living in the 'First World' now have begun begging for aid in the Third World.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The English Connection to the Fiesta in El Cedro

Chapel 'Nuestra Señora de Lourdes', El Cedro, La Gomera
At the northern flank of La Gomera's national park and forest lies the mountain valley and tiny hamlet of El Cedro. It is surrounded by thick lush forest on three sides and to the north overlooks parts of the municipal area of Hermigua and the Atlantic with Tenerife in the background.
Every year since 1935 a fiesta is celebrated in the hamlet's little chapel which is dedicated to 'Our Lady of Lourdes'. The chapel is at the southern end of the townland's scattered small farms, most of them now abandoned or converted to holiday cottages. The chapel is in the forested part of the area and a small stream that carries cool spring water all year flows around it a little below. The location is remote and can only be reached on foot. This only adds to it's charm and often all you can hear when you rest at the small picinic area beside it is the gurgling stream and birdsong.
The chapel was inaugurated in 1935 having been erected through the iniciative, efforts and donations by English lady Florence Stephen Parry who, having become a devout Catholic on La Gomera, realised the villagers' plight of having to attend churches many miles away, not having their 'own' chapel. 
She had left England after the first world war to forget its horrors and moved first to Gran Canaria where she had English friends. While staying there she met an Italian businessman who owned a fish cannery on La Gomera. He needed someone to educate and teach his children there and she moved to La Gomera to become employed by him. She became a well respected member of the local community on La Gomera, converted to Catholicism in 1924, and built 'The House of Peace' in Hermigua when she retired. 'Doña Florencia', as she became locally known, then focused all her energies on realising her dream of building a chapel dedicated to 'Our Lady of Lourdes' in the forest village of El Cedro. In the summer of 1935 the dream became reality with the inauguration of the little chapel, followed by a huge fiesta. 
Fiesta El Cedro 1935

'Doña Florencia' (left) at the inauguration, El Cedro1935
Florence Stephen Parry died in 1964 and a small plaque beside the entrance of the chapel asks visitors to say a prayer for her.
Since then every year on the last Sunday in August one of most important fiestas on La Gomera was celebrated there, with an emphasis on the folkloric and social aspects of a religious event. The format was changed after the tragic forest fire of 1984 when 20 men lost their lives a few miles away and it was realised that it was too dangerous to hold such a large congregation in the forest. Since then, as is the case this Sunday, there is a mass held in the chapel, with a picnic and then a procession accompanied by the typical ancient chants and percussion leads through the forest to the main part of the village where young and old will meet as they do since 1935.
El Cedro's 'magic tree' spewing spring water
...and as an update I've added a video of the procession taken by on Sunday:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tall ship 'Astrid' which sank off the Irish coast was a regular visitor to La Gomera

Stunning image of TS Astrid taken by  Jakub Walutek Photography
A Dutch-owned sail training and cruising vessel, the  2-masted tall ship 'Astrid' ran aground due to engine failure in heavy seas off the Irish coast near Kinsale and subsequently sank about a month ago. She was a 42-metre (138 ft) tall ship built in 1918 in The Netherlands as a lugger and named W.U.T.A. She was later transferred to Swedish ownership, renamed  Astrid and sailed on the Baltic Sea until 1975. She then sailed under a Lebanese flag and was allegedly used for drug smuggling. After being found burnt-out on the coast of England in the early 1980s, she was bought by the present Dutch owners and was overhauled to be used as a sail-training vessel. She then crossed the Atlantic many times and regularly was in the Canaries, often seen cruising in the waters off La Gomera.
When the Astrid sank she had about 30 people aboard who were all saved in a major rescue operation involving RNLI lifeboats and coast guard helicopters. Survivors were rescued in a shocked state, but unharmed. A salvage operation is currently being planned, but it is not thought that the vessel will ever sail again.
She will be missed here in the Canary Islands where she regularly called into several ports and particularly here in Valle Gran Rey where her owners and crew had become well-respected and liked over the years.
UPDATE 02/09/13: reports:
''...The plan to salvage the 95-year-old tall ship was approved last week by the Irish Coast Guard; the operation will be carried out by the Bere Island-based Atlantic Towage and Marine company after a deal was agreed with the Astrid’s insurers.
A huge crane that will lift the craft out of the water and onto a barge is being transported to Cork from the UK. Both are due to arrive at the wreck site tomorrow or on Thursday, after which it’s expected the 42-metre steel-hulled ship will be taken to dry dock for assessment.
Work took place on Sunday to clear some of the ropes hanging from the rigging, operations officer with the Coast Guard Hugh Barry told
Divers also inserted wedges between the ship’s fuel containers to secure them and to ensure there will be no leakage of diesel when the lifting operation takes place, Barry said.
Additional dives are expected to take place at the site today to further prepare the vessel ahead of the crane’s arrival.
“Once the crane gets here we’re looking at a one- to three-day period before it’s out of the water,” Barry said...''
The Astrid as often seen off La Gomera
Image taken by Kevin Kiely /
showing Astrid's lifeboats behind foundered vessel

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Worst case oil scenario would spell disaster for islands

A study by oil giant Repsol has come to light recently which highlights the dangers that oil drilling near Fuerteventura and Lanzarote could bring to the Canary Islands. The map below shows oil concentrations in the Atlantic in the event of a blow-out of one of the potential wells and the distribution of the floating crude by the Canary Current which flows from north to south through the archipelago. The eastern islands and Morocco would be worst affected by a major oil spill, while the more western islands including La Gomera would escape relatively unharmed. To read more about oil exploration in the Canaries and to sign a petition against it clickHERE. It is also worth considering that the archipelago will have very little economic benefit from oil extraction here.
Source: canariasahora

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rock Festival in San Sebastian de La Gomera

Five bands, including La Gomera's 'Tonelada', are expected to shake up the sleepy capital of La Gomera free of charge on Saturday, 24th of August '13. Where exactly ? Don't worry, you'll hear it and the capital is small enough. Well, I'll add a location map beside the poster, as it is a bit off the beaten track.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Casting Howard's Hopeful Herd

About 1,000, yes one thousand, people turned out to queue for the hope of a glimpse of glamour at the casting for extras for 'an international production', i.e. Ron Howard's interpretation of 'In the Heart of the Sea' which if it turns out as good as promised will surely pull in the Oscars. To be filmed on location (partially) on La Gomera. The local bars were doing a roaring trade and are hoping for 'the real thirst', once the 90 Euros per day for extras have been paid out.
And the masses did come in bit by bit without any hassle. They were a multi-racial (as wanted on the poster) patient and good-humoured crowd, with kids and babies in tow. They came from near and far - from 'just up the road' to tourists who  swore that 'we'll definitely be here again in November if they want us'. Everyone practicing the long wait got a number stuck onto their attire and all got their mugshots taken. Well done, Sur-Film ! They were very good at it, and professionally positive. So now everyone is waiting for the next step - that vital VIP email. Hey, come on, I didn't shave for 5 days - you wanted a 'well-lived-in-sun-bleached' face...Those who were smiling at the photographer's camera, were very politely told to 'look serious'. There's no business like becoming an extra in show business ! There's Holly in them Gomera Woods. There really is, but only the smooth-leaved variety.
Playa de Santigo, La Gomera

You're next..

The ever-filling queue

Some never bothered

Some got filmed now while hoping to be filmed later

Santigo's answer to whalers' graveyard ?

Now you're a STAR

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fire 'controlled'. Pyromaniacs still at large. Appeal

The fire that started on Thursday afternoon (see HERE) is almost out and officially declared 'controlled',but a smaller brigade of firefighters will have to keep watch to deal with any remaining danger and continue hosing down the area with water to cool the ground and embers.
Meanwhile a new picture of another incendiary device found near this fire has emerged. The device which thankfully failed to ignite fully, was made up of a fuse of highly flammable material, plastics, dry leaves and newspaper. The newspaper page on top is partially readable and contains an article about the disastrous fire in August last year (2012) under the pre-header ''Environmental catastrophe on La Gomera'' and the headline starts with the words ''A Fire with...''
This was intended to be used to start another fire ! Very sick indeed !
Image (c)
The pyromaniacs haven't been apprehended yet but police now say that they're hot on their heels and forensic examination of the found devices will provide further clues and evidence.
The authorities are again asking everyone to be extremely cautious and aware of the fire danger. They are also asking for vigilance and want any suspicious activity or material encountered to be reported immediately by phoning 112 (ask for an English speaking operator).
A fire alert remains in place for all of the Canary Islands.
Another incendiary device found (c)
UPDATE Monday, Aug.19th 2013:
The fire has been officially declared totally extinguished as of late this afternoon.
All previously closed walks and forest areas have been reopened, but open fires and barbecues are still prohibited. Please remain vigilant.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tenerife Weekly publishes posts from this blog

'Tenerife Weekly' has republished posts from this blog to mark the 1st anniversary of the fires on La Gomera in their 'FEATURED' section: See HERE

Good news, even though today there's another fire still smouldering, see:Latest: Fire on La Gomera again.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Latest: Fire on La Gomera again. Arson! +UPDATES

For the past while the hydro-plane newly stationed at La Gomera's small aiport has been flying to and fro past my view and it has been confirmed that a fire has broken out near the small and remote chapel of Santa Clara high up the mountain belonging to, and overlooking the town of Vallehermoso in La Gomeras north-west. the fire was started less than a kilometre from the village of Arguamul in an area overgrown with small trees and bushes. There is semi-mature forest close by and the place borders onto the national park.
Photo taken just now at about 6:30pm
The Canary Islands are on the highest fire-alert level because of the intense heat in the mountains and on Tenerife and on La Gomera many areas have been closed to the public.The festivities of the 'Virgen de Candelaria', the Canaries' national patron saint in conjunction with today's bank holiday make observation of suspicious activity very difficult as thousands of people are on the move and celebrating all over the island(s). Emergency services are stretched and as I write a group of 'lost and dehydrated' hikers is being escorted down the mountain path outside my door. This morning a cyclist was seriously injured in a fall when speeding down a mountain road...
This new fire was most likely caused by arson:
Incendiary device found near fire. Image:
During a search of the areas near the fire two incendiary devices were found in different states of preparation ! This leaves me sad and angry...
UPDATE 8:30pm
The fire is still not under control, but it is hoped that the current absence of wind will allow to stop the fire from spreading before darkness will force the retirement of the four helicopters plus the Air Tractor plane. One of the helicopters is a double-rotor Russian Kamov normally based on the island of Tenerife which also brought reinforcements for the firefighters on the ground. The area of the fire is very difficult to access on the ground and it is hoped the wind will not rise to further complicate the situation. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not favourable with rising winds expected.
The mayor of Vallehermoso has just said now that 'the fire has been stabilized' and that it appears to be closer to being controlled. Let's hope he's right.
Now the island's government has confirmed that the fire 'has been stabilised, but not controlled'.
+ 9:12pm (it is nearly dark now): The latest eyewitness report says that no more flames can be seen, but still a lot of smoke. The aircraft have retired due to advancing darkness, but work on the ground continues.
Images taken earlier and published by '' below:
Chapel of Santa Clara in the background (
Kamov at work (
The authorities have called on everyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity in the countryside or signs of fire immediately. Call 112 (English spoken).
There was a dangerous bushfire on the neighbouring island of La Palma tonight which has by now been ''brought practically under control''. It broke out very close to the town of Tijarafe and an investigation is underway establish the cause. The bitter irony is that a brigade of firefighters was earlier sent from La Palma to La Gomera to assist fighting the fire here, which appears to be 'under control' as well by now. 
Update Aug.16th, 9:45 am:
The fire remains 'stabilised but not controlled' due to the difficult terrain and the adverse weather conditions. At daybreak the temperature in the area was already 29ºC and the humidity extremely low at 18%. The wind has increased to moderate since yesterday's calm.
The 'Fire Boss' plane is in action again and is now regularly taking up sea water from Valle Gran Rey's harbour. Yesterday it appeared to be taking fresh water from the airport.
+ 4 pm:
Official bulletins confirm that the fire remains as in the last update, but there are remaining hot spots and glowing embers. These danger areas are being dealt with by the firefighters on the ground with a helicopter and the Air Tractor Fireboss now remaining on standby at the airport. The weather hasn't improved and if anything has got worse. Again the authorities reiterate their appeal for extreme caution and vigilance in any vulnerable areas.
Update Aug.17th, 11 am:
The fire finally has been declared 'controlled'. 
A smaller brigade of firefighters will keep watch and deal with any remaining danger. A picture of another incendiary device has emerged. The device which thankfully failed to ignite fully was made up of a fuse of highly flammable material, plastics, dry leaves and newspaper. The newspaper page on top is readable and contains an article about the disastrous fire in August last year (2012) under the pre-header ''Environmental catastrophe on La Gomera''. This was intended to be used to start another fire ! Very sick indeed !

Earth tremor south of La Gomera and El Hierro

La Gomera graph
There was an earthquake of 3,9 on the Richter scale in the Atlantic about 90 miles directly south of La Gomera and south-east of El Hierro on Tuesday night at about 7:40pm. It occurred at a depth of 27 kilometres and registered fairly strongly on seismographs as far as Fuerteventura. Tremors below the seabed around the Canary Islands are not unusual and nothing to worry about, but they happen more frequently to the east and north-east of La Gomera around the eastern Canaries. The seismic activity on and around El Hierro island continues and has picked up a little in the past few days, but most quakes were very weak and not felt by the islanders, including the 2,9 this morning in the sea just a few miles west of the 2012 La Restinga eruption area.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Casting on La Gomera for Ron Howard movie

 A film casting for extras will take place on Sunday, August 18th, 2013 in Playa de Santiago on La Gomera. The film production company Film-Sur of Tenerife will hold the casting in the Casa Cultural (cultural centre) at the seafront in Santiago with the support of the town hall of Alajero (the administration for Playa de Santiago) from 10am to 6pm. The prestigious company Film-Sur have worked on productions like 'Fast & Furious' and 'Clash of the Titans '. Even though they only say that it is 'for a big international production' this casting can only be for Ron Howard's 'In the Heart of the Sea' which will begin shooting on location on La Gomera and Lanzarote in the autumn with production services supplied by the Tenerife company.

If you fancy joining the illustrious Hollywood cast as an extra in November, head for Playa de Santiago on Sunday. It is a nice but fairly sleepy small fishing harbour with a beach (most of it pebbly) on La Gomera's south coast. Film-Sur will be looking for people of all ages, including children, with Canary and/or European features and a dark or tanned complexion. Natural looks and long hair will get preference and visible tattoos and strongly-dyed hair will rule you out. Don't expect too much glamour if you get a role. I know from experience that the job can be extremely boring and mostly involves waiting and more waiting without knowing what's going on. Extras won't be paid Hollywood rates here and the food usually isn't worth the trouble.

Sneak preview of film set design for the whalers graveyard of Nantucket
Meanwhile some images have emerged of the set design (see pictures). For the film a replica of Nantucket harbour as it was around 1820 will have to be built and this is already happening near London, where they are more likely have grey skies, wind and rain for the Nantucket scenes this autumn.
Filming here on La Gomera will be done at two harbours with beaches, and one of them is in a fairly deserted location with lots of space for a film set construction. Apart from the Warner studios near London and La Gomera the only other confirmed location for the shooting of 'In the Heart of the Sea' is on Lanzarote.
See my previous post about the film HERE and how the casting went HERE
Model of old Nantucket harbour for the film set of 'In the Heart of the Sea'
Howard tweeted:'Exciting to see another time and place
re-created so artfully
The 'Essex' replica

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One year after the fire came down Valle Gran Rey

A priceless vinyl record collection after the blaze ©Ehlert
Exactly one year ago last night the fire came down the valley, causing an inferno that burnt about 100 houses and made it necessary to evacuate the whole population of Valle Gran Rey to the harbour area.
There were two events to mark the occasion: One was a huge and wonderful party in a secluded house and gardens where about 200 people danced all night and retold their stories of the night of the blaze. The other commemoration was high up in the valley at the church of San Antonio where local pressure group 'La Gomera Se Mueve' held a ceremony with ringing of the church bells and projecting  slides of the blaze onto the church wall. It still seems like a miracle that there were no casualties in Aug.2012. Full story HERE
 Remains of a stool with a remote control welded into it by the inferno. 
The remote was on the other side of the room before ! ©Ehlert

Today you'd hardly notice there was an inferno here 1 year ago

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fiesta and more fiestas

Below are some impressions of the current main fiesta on La Gomera. This one is dedicated to the 'Virgin of Candelaria', the patron saint of the Canary Islands. Here on La Gomera it is celebrated in the mountain town of Chipude, the capital of La Gomera in olden times (now San Sebastian is the capital). Chipude boasts one of the nicest and oldest Christian village churches in the Canaries. This fiesta is one of the local highlights of the year and thousands flock to Chipude for the week-long celebrations. The photos below were taken in the afternoon heat - it really gets going much, much later when the cameras are forgotten and it continues until the 'wee' hours. By the way, this wasn't the only fiesta this weekend on this small island of just over 20.000 inhabitants and many more fiesta will be celebrated over the coming weeks and months. How do they survive all the fiestas over the year(s) ? Fiesta goers need two things: A flexible liver and a lenient bank manager - or vice versa.
Church of Chipude decorated for the fiesta

I'm a drummer,too, and I'd
love to be treated like this.
Red carpet and all... 
Pace yourselves, boys - it is still too hot

First dancers have more room, later on it'll be crammed
Backstage VIP gossip

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Large stingrays being fed and fondled - another amazing video.

Just because I liked the previous stingray video so much I'll share another one with you today, taken at the same place. It is a bit longer and shows Pepe, a local bus driver and friend of mine, feeding stingrays several pounds of fish on the steps in the harbour where the small fishing boats of Valle Gran Rey often land and clean their catch. Sometimes several dozens of rays can be seen in the harbour, where they congregate to mate.

This one, too, was taken by: © Henner Riemenschneider (Gekko Vision)

Friday, August 09, 2013

Area around Agulo 'sky walk' now reopened

'Mirador de Abrante' exterior viewpoints now open again
...after long closure.
The recreational area around the spectacular 'Mirador de Abrante towering over the village of Agulo in La Gomera's north will be opened again after some additional security features (e.g. handrails) and other improvements were introduced to the area. The buildings, which include the actual glass-enclosed 'sky walk', a cafeteria, a tourist information point and public toilets will however remain closed until the island's government has built a proper road to it with a car park at the 'mirador'. The town of Agulo also wants special facilities for paragliders, including a jumping-off point, to be built.
See my previous posts with additional images: Spectacular New Attraction: and: 'Mirador De Abrante' Sky Walk Officially Handed O...  and: New attraction fenced off

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Brush fire quickly extinguished

A brush fire near the village of Taguluche in the west of La Gomera was brought under control quickly and extinguished late on Tuesday night. This is the third such fire this summer after one in the east of the island at La Laja and another one in the centre of the forest in the national park in the popular Las Creces area. None of these fires did much damage, but all three started under suspicious circumstances. There have also been several minor fires on the other Canary Islands this summer, but thankfully all were put out rapidly.  Please be careful and vigilant when you're out and about and report any fire immediately. Just call 112 - they even have operators who do speak English.