Saturday, August 10, 2013

Large stingrays being fed and fondled - another amazing video.

Just because I liked the previous stingray video so much I'll share another one with you today, taken at the same place. It is a bit longer and shows Pepe, a local bus driver and friend of mine, feeding stingrays several pounds of fish on the steps in the harbour where the small fishing boats of Valle Gran Rey often land and clean their catch. Sometimes several dozens of rays can be seen in the harbour, where they congregate to mate.

This one, too, was taken by: © Henner Riemenschneider (Gekko Vision)


Old Book Mark said...

Thanks for the blog. I have been to La Gomera three times over the last few years and love the island, so your blog is a lovely way of keeping in touch with the place.

Jyrki said...

Thank you for the blog. First time I visited La Gomera and VGR. I knew instantly this was a my kind of a place. Sadly I can get there only about once per year for a week at a time. But all those other 51 weeks are made easier by your blog. :) Hopefully you'll keep updating this blog as you have done so far. This is very nice way to see whats is going on in La Gomera & VGR. Now that radio clm's webcameras have been offline for a long time. I´d suggest that youd try to get some sponsor for your blog and get a working webcam so we who cannot get to la playa to see the drummers, could at least watch them via internet and enjoy our beers at home and make us believe that we are there. Casa Maria's wall or roof could be the perfect place for the camera. :) Keep up the good job.