Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two bands to play this Saturday

After last Saturday's wild rock'n'roll'n'punk night in La Gomera's capital, alternative music can be enjoyed again in a somewhat milder version in the sleepy southern town of Playa de Santiago this Saturday, August 31st 2013, from 8.30pm. The place is suddenly beginning to buzz with the confirmed news that Ron Howard will soon transform the small town to a Hollywood film set with the production of 'In the Heart of the Sea' this autumn. The poster (below) looks awful, but the two Tenerife bands,'La Isla Music' and 'So What!' are promising new original rock/pop acts. It is 'alternative leisure' in the town square as the poster promises, but not as cheesy as the same, and it's all for free. Worth supporting.


Wompygs said...


Me preguntaba si tendrían inconveniente en colocar un enlace o banner hacia nuestra nueva versión inglesa ( desde su algún apartado de su blog.

Espero su respuesta, pero ante todo muchas gracias por su tiempo.

Atentamente, Jaime.

Willie said...

Ya hecho en 'links'. Saludos