Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Rescued turtles released

Two loggerhead turtles which were recently found injured on La Gomera's black sand beaches were first brought for veterinary treatment and recovery to a sanctuary on Gran Canaria and then flown back to La Gomera for release into the sea. One weighed about 150 lbs and had head injuries, the other one was found suffocating due to plastic material. The ever increasing huge 'islands' of accumulated plastic waste in the world's oceans is one of the greatest pollution problems we face.
Leaving La Gomera   (Image: GOMERATVDIGITAL)


Red Queen Musings said...

Hi Willie I used two of your articles on Ron Howard and Ridley Scott in my Queenies blog and Tenerife Weekly have asked if they can put them on the front page of the newspaper. I said yes and to credit your blog rather than me. I trust this is OK. Meryl xx

PS: Keep up the good work I love reading about what our neighbours are up to.

redqueenmusings said...

Can you please let me know if my comment about using your articles got through. I pressed submit and was sent away from your website. Thanks Meryl x

Willie said...

Hi Meryl,
as you can see your comments got through and are published.Thanks for reading my blog and using some of my posts - I'm doing the same with yours. :-)
I've updated the Ron Howard post since you posted it and I don't have any problems with anyone using my posts, as long as is credited.
Keep it up and keep us informed on the 'Big Island'. Regards Willie