Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One year after the fire came down Valle Gran Rey

A priceless vinyl record collection after the blaze ©Ehlert
Exactly one year ago last night the fire came down the valley, causing an inferno that burnt about 100 houses and made it necessary to evacuate the whole population of Valle Gran Rey to the harbour area.
There were two events to mark the occasion: One was a huge and wonderful party in a secluded house and gardens where about 200 people danced all night and retold their stories of the night of the blaze. The other commemoration was high up in the valley at the church of San Antonio where local pressure group 'La Gomera Se Mueve' held a ceremony with ringing of the church bells and projecting  slides of the blaze onto the church wall. It still seems like a miracle that there were no casualties in Aug.2012. Full story HERE
 Remains of a stool with a remote control welded into it by the inferno. 
The remote was on the other side of the room before ! ©Ehlert

Today you'd hardly notice there was an inferno here 1 year ago

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