Monday, August 12, 2013

Fiesta and more fiestas

Below are some impressions of the current main fiesta on La Gomera. This one is dedicated to the 'Virgin of Candelaria', the patron saint of the Canary Islands. Here on La Gomera it is celebrated in the mountain town of Chipude, the capital of La Gomera in olden times (now San Sebastian is the capital). Chipude boasts one of the nicest and oldest Christian village churches in the Canaries. This fiesta is one of the local highlights of the year and thousands flock to Chipude for the week-long celebrations. The photos below were taken in the afternoon heat - it really gets going much, much later when the cameras are forgotten and it continues until the 'wee' hours. By the way, this wasn't the only fiesta this weekend on this small island of just over 20.000 inhabitants and many more fiesta will be celebrated over the coming weeks and months. How do they survive all the fiestas over the year(s) ? Fiesta goers need two things: A flexible liver and a lenient bank manager - or vice versa.
Church of Chipude decorated for the fiesta

I'm a drummer,too, and I'd
love to be treated like this.
Red carpet and all... 
Pace yourselves, boys - it is still too hot

First dancers have more room, later on it'll be crammed
Backstage VIP gossip

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