Monday, August 26, 2013

Science in Canaries now depending on aid from... AFRICA ?!

The  Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health of the Canary Islands, based at the university of Tenerife is having great difficulties in continuing their research programmes as a result of the cutbacks by the central Spanish government in Madrid. As a result the local government of Tenerife has been looking for sponsorship for the institute from abroad and the private sector. ''We weren't going to close the institute, because that would have been irresponsible, but our research was in jeopardy'', said the director of the Institute of Tropical Diseases and Public Health, Basilio Valladares.''If the Spanish administration considers other things more important, then I simply don't believe that, and as I'm a practical person I feel that if the money doesn't come from the one source, I'll have to look elsewhere.''
Now the national government of Senegal were the first to step into the breach by allocating 325.000 Euros in the African state's 2014 budget to continuing research at the Canary Islands' institute. The Cabildo (government) of Tenerife is in negotiations with several more African countries like Angola and Nigeria trying to get more aid from African countries for science and research in the Canary Islands.
When I read the report in the local media I first didn't believe my eyes, but it really seems that the cutbacks in this part of 'Europe' have reached such a level that we, who are considered to be living in the 'First World' now have begun begging for aid in the Third World.

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