Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finally some decent rain, beautiful rain

...and lots of it today! (Image source: Twitter Proteccion Civil LG)
Today's inclement weather brought a fair bit of disruption to the Canary Islands and to La Gomera in particular. There were a good few rockfalls and landslips, treacherous road conditions, some fallen trees, road closures, ferry problems and disruptions, power outages, and flight delays and diversions. On Tenerife flight operations at both international airports were shut down for a while. Wind gusts of around 100 km/h were widely experienced in the Canaries today with very rough seas. Fog in the higher regions and very poor visibilty at times during heavy squalls were adding to the problems. Further gales with very strong gusts are expected tonight and early tomorrow, which may exceed today's values.

Most importantly though, lots of very badly needed rain arrived and brought some water to drought-suffering La Gomera - thankfully without being too heavy. Here are the statistics for the accumulated precipitation today until about 6:30 pm from some stations around La Gomera:

Arure 41,2 mm - La Dama 29,4 mm - Visitor's Centre Agulo 40,4 mm - on the second highest mountain at 1475 m altitude 45,6 mm - Vallehermoso town 31,2 mm - San Sebastian de La Gomera 16,8 mm - but first prize goes to Hermigua with 59,2 mm. 

Some further heavy showers could come down anywhere tonight to add some more to these figures. La Gomera will be a lot greener in a couple of days, that's for sure.

There were lots of large and small waterfalls all over the island and the barrancos of Playa de Santiago and San Sebastian de La Gomera had a good flow of water. Just before sunset the barranco of Valle Gran Rey began to flow as well, but to a lesser degree:
Barranco of VGR beginning to flow
Barranco of San Sebastian de La Gomera this afternoon (Image:

...and finally a very short video (Source: Twitter PCLG) of the Playa de Santiago flow:

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