Monday, February 26, 2018

Another cold front to hit Canary Islands - Storm Emma

Gale warnings for late Tuesday and all day Wednesday.  (Weathervane on Vueltas pier)
Updated Tuesday, Feb. 27th 2018, at 9:55 pm:
Latest: 'Alerta Maxima' declared by Canarian Government for La Gomera, Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro, and Gran Canaria. All below now updated and further information inserted:
After summer weather lasting into December 2017 (well, that's how it felt) and a prolonged drought into February '18 the Canary Islands are finally experiencing some 'normal' winter weather with the Atlantic taking over the reins (sic) from the Sahara.
The extremely cold weather all over Europe allows some low pressure systems to develop further south and to send some more wind and rain to the Canaries. The one that's going to make its presence felt here next started as major storm depression forming off the east coast of the US and achieved 962 hPa in mid Atlantic soon after with hurricane force winds near its centre, then tracked SE, later E to reach sea area just W of Azores by noon noon today as a storm of 968  hPa. Now it will slowly move just SE of Azores as a vigorous  depression of 972 hPa on Tuesday, with the associated wide-sweeping cold front forecast to affect Canary Islands later Tuesday and on Wednesday with potentially very strong winds and a band of heavy precipitation. The large depression has now been named 'Storm Emma' and will affect many parts of Europe when it tracks NE where it will absorb another low off France, and then affecting Britain and Ireland later in the week where extremely cold weather with gale-driven snowfalls is expected.
The situation for La Gomera and the rest of the western Canary Islands:
A gale warning of SW winds gusting 85 km/h has been issued, valid from 6pm Tuesday, February 27th 2018, and the gusts may be stronger in places.
A further status ORANGE warning of SW winds gusting 95 km/h or more in mountains is valid for all of Wednesday.  Tuesday just before lunchtime a gust of 103 km/h was already recorded in La Gomera's mountains).
There's also a status ORANGE warning of very rough seas combined with an increasingly powerful swell, which will be worst  from early Wednesday. It may bring waves of 5 - 6 metres to exposed coasts, not often seen in the Canaries. The warning is valid until Thursday.
The Armas fast ferry Alboran which connects Los Cristianos, San Sebastian de La Gomera and Valle Gran Rey has cancelled all sailings until March 1st due to the rough sea conditions and strong south-westerly winds.
News just in: Armas ferry 'Volcan de Taburiente'  serving Los Cristianos and SS de La Gomera, etc.,  has suspended all sailings tomorrow Wednesday Feb.28th 2018.
Fred. Olsen's 'Benchi Express' La Gomera ferry has also cancelled sailings from tonight until weather improves.
... and  I guess that ALL ferry services in western Canaries may be canceled tomorrow. 
Further temporary travel disruption (sea, air and road) may be expected Wednesday.
The rapidly passing cold front will also bring a spell of rain, heavy in places, and heavy squally showers after that. Status YELLOW warning of precipitation accumulating 60 mm in 12 hours and 25 in one hour is valid from 6 pm Tuesday until 8 am Wednesday ...and during the latter day squally showers could affect La Gomera.
Risk of rockfalls and landslips remains high. Avoid steep mountainsides, cliffs and ravines ! Also, be very cautious near exposed coasts.
Latest: All schools, colleges, etc., and all public parks, sports grounds, etc., will be closed on Wednesday. Some damage due to high winds (gusting well in excess of 100 km/h) reported from first-hit island of La Palma. Strongest gust in La Gomera so far: 111 km/h. Some flights have been cancelled, some delayed.
Above was updated Tuesday Feb.27th 2018 at 9:55 pm.
Storm Emma late today, Monday Feb. 26th 2018
Weather chart for 00:01 am Wednesday Feb. 28th 2018, when cold front is expected to arrive in west

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