Thursday, February 22, 2018

A very rainy weekend in store for Canary Islands +

The Atlantic depression to the WNW of the Canary Islands at 9am UTC this morning
An Atlantic depression of 999hPa now to the northwest of the Canary Islands is expected to track south and deepen a little, passing to the west of the Canaries tomorrow, before dissipating close to these islands early on Saturday. I won't bore you with all the details of the current weather situation, but here's what it means:
While the fresh southerly winds with some stronger gusts shouldn't be a problem tomorrow, the cold front associated with the low has the potential to bring a lot of badly needed rain, especially during daytime tomorrow, Friday Feb. 23rd 2018, and the Spanish meteorological service has issued warnings of rainfall amounts up to 15mm in one hour and 60mm in 12 hours with western and southern areas most at risk. There's also a risk of thunderstorms and the abrupt landscape of the western Canary Islands could bring localised 'surprises'. Remaining unsettled with showers on Saturday, too, but with some longer sunny spells.
All below updated:
Sunday February 25th 2018:
Another, more vigorous Atlantic low is forecast to develop north of the Canary Islands, probably bringing more heavy showers and spells heavy rain during Sunday daytime, and this low is expected to also bring gale force winds. However, it is still too early to know how this weather system will develop, so keep checking the regularly updated weather information on the top right sidebar of this blog as there could be some significant amounts of precipitation. 
Sunday morning: This low of 991 hPa has fully formed to the NNW as expected and will be N of us all of today with 992hPa. The associated cold front will pass over the Canary Islands during Sunday daytime from W to E. See warnings below
Level ORANGE weather alerts for Sunday, Feb. 25th 2018, valid 9am to 9pm:
Rainfall up to 100mm in 12 hours
Winds gusting 90 km/h (southerly first, westerly later) generally
and possibly in excess of 110 km/h in exposed mountain areas.
and status yellow warning for SW winds gusting 80 km/h added for early Monday morning
Above values may be exceeded in some areas.
Very rough seas on Sunday. Strong swell. (Status YELLOW warning)
Canarian government has declared highest alert status 'ALERTA MAXIMA'
Renewed risk of thunderstorms. 
Don't be fooled by sunny periods: Better be safe than sorry.
Special advisories have been issued, as have alerts by the government of the Canary Islands and local authorities. It is recommended to stay at home on Sunday and to avoid unnecessary travel. A warning of the risk of localised flooding has been added and very rough sea conditions are forecast. Some travel disruption may be expected during Sunday and several events have already been cancelled. 
Sunday's summary (Click)

To be honest, there have been alerts, warnings and advisories in recent times and then nothing much happened or the situation changed completely in no time at all, leaving disgruntled faces questioning the wisdom of the 'weathermen', meteorologists and officials. However, please bear in mind that weather forecasting in the Canary Islands is tricky and local conditions may vary drastically within a small radius. I've seen damaging floods and evacuations (eg. Playa de Santiago late 2013) when less than ten miles away people had 'a fine day'. So, I feel it is better to be warned when nothing happens thereafter than to get a nasty surprise. The current situation has, but doesn't have to have, some interesting potential anyway, and should not be under-estimated. In the age of weather apps that give you the slightly modified outdated weather for an airport on Tenerife when you look up the weather for any town on La Gomera (check it in depth, but sadly this is true - and it even fools most people in most weather situations) you're better off to be prepared for some severe weather now.
Isn't this a cleverly construed disclaimer so you can't blame me in case the weather gods don't deliver the 'bad' weather the locals are praying for? ☔  Want more ? Here we go...

Next week:
Monday: Status Yellow wind warning valid 00:01am until 6 am:
Southwesterly winds gusting 80 km/h
First half of Monday should see further heavy showers, some squally, but weather gradually improving during second half of the day while a chance of a few showers will remain throughout the day. Winds gradually easing but remaining fresh to strong.
Then early indications for the coming week are for yet another low to affect us, but that's a long way off in meteorology. However, the unstable weather situation appears to continue for a while. 
UPDATE Sun.: This new major storm depression has begun to form and is expected 962 hPa in mid Atlantic soon with hurricane force winds near centre, then expected to track SE, later E to reach sea area just W of Azores by noon Monday as a storm of 967  hPa, slowly moving  E of Azores as a vigorous  depression of 975 hPa on Tuesday, with the associated wide-sweeping cold front forecast to affect Canary Islands later Tuesday and on Wednesday with potentially very strong winds and a band of heavy precipitation . A first warning of SW winds gusting 75 km/h has been issued, valid from 6pm Tuesday.
More late on Monday in a new post. A link to same will be added to the end of this post...

After the prolonged drought in La Gomera and most of the Canaries it it advisable to be extremely cautious over the coming days and hiking and other outdoor activities in the mountains and ravines should be avoided. Be very cautious if you're driving, too. Rockfalls and landslides can be expected, which happen as a result of loosening material due to temperature changes, erosion and especially during and after rain. Don't be deceived by longer sunny intervals as the sun can add to the erosive process when the rocks and land expand in the sun's heat after cracks and crevices have been filled with the rain's debris.
Not the greatest news for those on holidays here, but the rain is very badly needed and wanted by locals. It won't feel as cold as during the recent gales, though, with mostly warmer humid air being brought up from the south, but it won't be as warm as in the past few days and it will be cooler especially in the mountains.
I'll keep you permitting šŸŒˆšŸ’§šŸ™
Last and final UPDATE of this post was on Sun. Feb. 25th 2018 (09:00 pm)
NOTE: A new post regarding the weather situation from later Tuesday will be published on late Monday and  a link to this has been added here:
Lunar halo, caused by ice crystals and often associated with a coming storm (image taken 23:15 pm Sat. February 24th 2018)


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