Thursday, January 30, 2014

Film set in Playa Santiago vanished

Many visitors to La Gomera are asking if there are parts or traces left to be seen of the film set of In the Heart of the Sea, which was recently filming with director Ron Horward in Playa de Santiago. The short and simple answer is 'No' - everything has been restored to exactly the same condition as before the film scenes were shot. There is nothing in Santiago which might indicate the changes and all the activity during the last months of 2013 as the pictures below prove:
Beach during shooting of scene
Beach now back to original condition
Where props, workshops and containers were situated...
…is now a 'green field site' again
Santiago's harbour full of all kinds of vessels during filming now a sleepy fishing port again.
Nearby Playa de Tapahuga with concrete tank during the shoot
…is now restored and you'd never think there was a tank.

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