Sunday, January 12, 2014

Luckiest lottery winner hails from La Gomera

A 57-year old man living in the south of Tenerife has just won 75.000 Euros in the Spanish El Niño lottery, but that's just in addition to the win of 375.000 Euros he won only 16 days before in the El Gordo lottery draw. Never mind, Jorge Gorrin the lucky sports car driver also won a  salary of 6.000 Euros per month for 25 years in 2006, and in the 80s he won 172.000 Euros in two draws, all in the ONCE lottery in aid of the blind. His sister once also won 120.000 in the El Gordo lottery, the largest-paying draw in the world.
He doesn't have a system for picking and buying lottery tickets and says that it is just down to pure chance and luck. He was born on La Gomera near the bay of La Rajita which is situated on the south coast between Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago and where the now disused tuna cannery is located. His father died there when he was only ten years old and his mother then took the family to Tenerife to work in a hotel to support them. Later in life he worked as an electrician and as a fisherman, got married, had two children, got divorced after ten years of marriage, and fathered ten more children with 'other women'. He's known as El Rey (The King) and says: ''Work ? No way !'' 
La Rajita bay with the former fish canning facility

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