Monday, January 20, 2014

New ambitious project planned for Valle Gran Rey

At a public meeting in Valle Gran Rey on Wednesday plans for a new viewing point, a multi-purpose building and ancillary works were introduced and discussed. The proposal is for the derelict school Juan Rejon which occupies the highest spot in the La Calera area of Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera. The former school and the level area to the south of it enjoy phantastic views of lower Valle Gran Rey and the Atlantic with El Hierro in the background. 
It is planned to landscape and remodel the area to provide a viewing platform. The old schoolhouse will be redeveloped to provide a multi-purpose building which could house exhibitions, meetings, courses and events. For the ambitious plans about one million Euros have been put aside in the island's 2014 budget and the construction phase will last a maximum of 14 months, according to the architect.
Locals were worried about the lack of parking and narrow access roads and it was promised that these problems would be addressed at a later stage. Other proposals by attending residents included a suggestion that the new space should exhibit the Gomeran giant lizards in a  terrarium, which was rediscovered in the cliffs not far away from the proposed centre and successfully  being bred. This idea found approval by all and the public may finally get to see the reclusive animals.
I just hope they first of all dismantle the now disused and unsightly mobile phone mast.
The proposed development of Juan Rejon 

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