Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold front 2 - now with added improvement

There was a second cold front yesterday evening and night, but as the low directly over us even deepened further to 1005 hPa it became more benign and after leaving a good bit of rain the night before (rain at night is the BEST rain), it only brought a few good  showers after that. The depression will begin to fill and dissipate today, making room for a new high of 1020 hPa within 48 hours. That means that we'll be back to sunnier and warmer weather - business as usual - and the farmers are happy to have had a good watering of the crops. The temperature will remain below the average for this time of the year for today before recovering on Saturday to regain the 'eternal spring' values that the Canary Islands are normally blessed with, and the the odd shower expected tomorrow will keep La Gomera in verdant splendour. All the irrigation water reservoirs are now at 85% of full capacity already, and a colourful blossom-laden spring is almost guaranteed.
This minor weather interlude here was due to the repeated extreme storms that hit Ireland, Britain and other parts of northern Europe since before Christmas. Keep 'em coming !
I met tourists and visitors yesterday, clad in T-shirts with shorts and flip-flops while I was wearing four layers of clothing including a padded raincoat and heavy boots. They felt warm while I was frrrreezing. It's all relative...
The southern sky at 3:30pm yesterday still looks threatening as a shower closes in on El Hierro on right
Similar view 2,5 hrs later: The southern sky has cleared and the sun is blazing again to dry the wet ground
The photo of the (yester-)day that says it all and was taken from La Gomera, however, goes to to © with this impressive take from above the statue over San Sebastian de La Gomera with Mount Teide on neighbouring Tenerife island partially snow-covered in the background (well done, chico, we don't see that too often!):

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