Saturday, January 18, 2014

Now 100.000 Readers

I started this blog in a hurry in the summer of 2012 (see my first post and my second one) when the fire had just broken out on La Gomera. I wanted to counterbalance the sensationalistic reporting of the fire, and for the following weeks the fire here was the main theme.
However, the original intention in starting this blog was to give general information about La Gomera in English, as there were numerous websites, etc. in German and Spanish, but nothing much in English. I didn't have a clue about blogging then and 'learned by doing', making lots of mistakes. Exactly 333 posts later I'm still learning, and I want to continue (b)logging information, as well as sharing views, images and personal experiences relating to La Gomera and the Canary Islands while trying to keep my personal opinion to myself.
I didn't expect too much interest when I began, but by now 100.000 of you have proven that there is a tremendous amount of interest in La Gomera out there. Most readers came from  English-speaking countries (foremost the U.K.), but was read in every corner of the globe. Even some of the Spanish media and the international press have used material from this blog. 
Thank you all, and special thanks  to the many readers who commented favourably and to the many new friends that I made through this blog.
…and for a change here's a photo from the West of Ireland .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Copenhagen.
/Holger Morell

Mrs c said...

We read your blog frequently as it offers the best local level news and information. With our second home in much loved La Gomera and visited all too infrequently,it is great to hear what's really happening when we can't be there ourselves. Keep it going and well done.
Pershore UK. A and C Cole

Bob and Frances Bland, la said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. We read it at home in the uk from time to time and regularly just before we come and when we are here for a month, like now.
It must take a lot of your time and we hope the reward of 100,000 readers will help you continue this great service.
Thank you again.

Jenny Forsberg, Sweden said...

Wow, 100.000 readers! Congratulations - it is well deserved. I really appreciate your blog - keep up the good work!

Cathy said...

Well done it is a fantastic website....I love reading about La Gomera and look forward to my 7th visit in summer 2014.