Saturday, February 01, 2014

Organic food on La Gomera

There are several of organic growers and farmers on La Gomera and some of the smaller 'super'-markets in Valle Gran Rey sell their produce and other organic wholefoods. There are also a few specialised wholefood shops: One in the island's capital and three in Valle Gran Rey, two of those in Vueltas village. 
However, my favourite place to shop for produce fresh from the field, as well as packaged wholefoods and other ecological products is the Finca Ecologica Lomo del Riego. It is not 'in town' but beside the bus station near the roundabout in La Calera. It boasts to be the only fully certified and registered organic farm on La Gomera. About ten years ago it was started by local man Jose Manuel who is presently running an organic farm in Germany, and now his brother Pedro keeps the farm going while his wife manages the shop. 
Best of all, after you've done your shopping in their idyllic farm shop, you can drop in to the bus station bar across the road and discuss the politics of food or the weather with Pedro, who frequently drops in for a short break from working his fields. You'll enjoy the spectacular view from there and later watch the sun set across the Atlantic while nursing a cold beer.
Entrance to the shop is just 5 steps up from pedestrian crossing on right

Pedro is off to one of his fields
Sunset seen from the bus station bar


Unknown said...

Organic food has plenty of advantages when compared to the non-organic food that have been processed with artificial preservatives and chemicals. I turned to organic and natural food quite some time ago and since then I have reaping the benefits. My overall health has tremendously improved with no more digestion issues, reduced skin trouble, and a general improvement in my fitness. Well, I guess this was bound to happen since the organic food products are literally free of harmful chemicals and additives having been prepared with minimal or almost no use of synthetic food processing materials. The idea, I guess, is to have food that is as fresh and natural as nature would give to us.

Anonymous said...

Hello Curry :) My name is Eva and I'll arrive at La Gomera July 26th and stay there for about 4 months :) I feel very happy because I'll have the great chance to do my Master Internship there. I wanted to contact you because I read some of your very nice posts on your blog and I have the feeling you know quite a lot about how things work in the Island. My boyfriend is thinking of joining me there and we were wondering if there are any possibilities of working or volunteering in any farm or perhaps working in some shop or restaurant... We probably need to stay close to Agulo. Do you know anything? Or who to contact? He has already found some things, but nothing seems to be for sure. I guess it'll all be easier once we are there :) Cheers!!! :) Enjoy the sun (I write from the Netherlands... hehe)!

La Gomera said...

it is difficult to arrange these things from afar. There are many possibilities for you once you are there. Summer is generally much quieter than the winter season. Anyway you should be there in person to find out and to apply for jobs, etc.
Good luck !