Monday, November 26, 2012

Weather update Nov. 26th, 2012

 Warnings in effect
The minor storm system has not quite followed the forecasts ! It is beginning to fill and will soon be just a gale with scattered squally showers. It will be tracking SE, passing directly over the Canary Islands, towards the western Sahara, and it will begin to dissipate later today. The altered track is responsible for the now mainly easterly gale force winds, which should later ease and become cyclonic variable, before strengthening again from westerly directions. The winds will be gusty and and may be locally stronger, especially in or near mountainous areas. Precipitation over the Canaries has become less organised, but scattered blustery showers and isolated thunderstorms could turn up anywhere. However, longer sunny spells are expected as well.
Taken this morning
Personally, this is a feast for me as we didn't have this kind of 'Irish weather' for more than a year and I was getting homesick  ;-). It's another story when you arrive here hoping for a precious week of pure sunshine after the miserable weather in Britain and Ireland. As a consolation the gales and the showers are WARM here  -  and they don't last long.
Gale warning remains in effect, and a warning of a heavy Atlantic swell.
Walking and hiking in exposed areas and on high ground is not recommended.
Take extra care when driving.
Above: Arrow showing centre of depression at 9am
Below: Latest isobaric chart (OPC)

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