Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weather remaining unsettled

UPDATE 7.30 pm:

Beginning of sunset 27/11/12
End of sunset 27/11/12

Loads of light showers today in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera. The mountains in the north had heavier rain and the near-gale winds from the north blew the rain as drops-to-drizzle light rain into the valley, while the sun was shining from the sea in the south, illuminating the scene. Great day for rainbow spotters. All in all it was a more interesting 'soft day' than expected and very windy for the Canaries. The weather in Britain and in the Republic of Ireland is just sooo bad these days that here in the Canary Islands we really seem to be in 'The Fortunate Islands', never mind the economy. 

Today 8:30am:      The low pressure system has passed over the Canary Islands and is now slowly  filling and dissipating over Morocco. A trough will form to the NE of the Canaries. For today, Tuesday, there still is a warning of strong winds and heavy seas in effect, particularly for the second half of the day.
The forecast for the next few days is for longer sunny periods with scattered showers, some heavy but of short duration and more frequent in the northern parts of the islands. Winds will be moderate to strong northeasterly, stronger on high ground. Temperature will be normal for this time of the year with average values of 18-23ºC. Sea water temperature is still high with around 22ºC.


The wind will in future be of more use here on La Gomera, as two huge wind turbines of 44 metre diameter (130ft) and 77m (230ft) total height are being planned to be be built in a remote area that now only houses the island's new landfill rubbish dump. The generators' combined power output will be up to 1,8 megawatts and will be fed into the grid. The project is awaiting an environmental impact study, as there  are ravens breeding in the area. Well, they would, wouldn't they - the dump being better than a convenience store nearby...

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