Sunday, November 18, 2012

'SKAZZ' live on La Gomera

Just around a street corner I came across an amazing live act, the likes of which haven't  been seen around here lately. The legislation for (or more precisely,against) live music events in Spain has been enforced more strictly in Valle Gran Rey than anywhere else in the Canaries or in the Spanish Peninsula. All about that in another post another day (long, sad story...). So we were all the more delighted to see a great band live, and about 200 locals and tourists dancing and ALL having a good time...  (Special thanks to Manolo).
 For now I just want to share a video of a most entertaining band: SKAZZ (1 Brit, 2 Irish,
1 Canario + Peter, a German/adopted Irish trumpet player). The lighting is poor, the crowd hasn't arrived yet (and there was a huge crowd dancing a bit later), so this is just a taste of things to come, as the band will be around playing for a good while more with better equipment, doing gigs whenever/wherever 'licensed' in Valle Gran Rey (plus a few spontaneous ones), and also in other towns on La Gomera - so keep an eye out for SKAZZ, if you're holidaying on La Gomera. 
... and NO, I'm not their manager, just lovin' a bit of music - by the way.

<Skazz live

And here's a press quote on SKAZZ:

'This five piece are the embodiment of the ska movement starting out as a swing and jazz outfit and converting in early 2007 to pure ska vibes. In keeping with their jazz roots, Skazz have chosen the original Jamaican scene Ska of the 1960’s - when Caribbean mento and calypso first met American jazz and rhythm and blues. Fans of the 2 Tone sound of the late 1970’s will feel at home on this dance floor with the added bonus of an education in pre-reggae/rocksteady tempos and cross rhythms. Having already shared stages with the likes of The Skatalites, Prince Buster, The Pioneers, Syramip, Dennis Alcapone, Winston Francis and Delroy Williams, and with dates this year including the Cork Jazz Festival, Electric Picnic and Waterford Spraoi and Bray Jazz Festival, this promises to be a very special event."
Getting everyone into the skanival mood, Skazz will be skanking the weekend away in style. This lively Clare band have appeared at venues all over Ireland, and with rave reviews everywhere have acquired a huge following.'

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