Friday, November 09, 2012

Demonstration in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tomorrow at 12 midday a demonstration is taking place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, starting from Plaza Weyler (location here:
The demonstration, which is being organized by the local eco-pressure group 'La Gomera Se Mueve' (= La Gomera on the move), and supported by by various other groups, will call for the investigation of the fires that affected the islands of Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera. Particularly the blunder made by downgrading the fire on La Gomera in the face of a heat-wave, which subsequently caused the fire to spread and destroy 10%
of La Gomera and 18% of its national park needs to be investigated, according to the organisers. The political 'blame game' that happened between the regional government of La Gomera, the Canary Island's government and the central Spanish administration only made matters worse and will be an issue tomorrow, with 
the motto: 'Mas Nunca', which means 'Never Again' !

The fires on La Gomera were finally declared as extinguished only two weeks ago, after the first rainfalls of the winter. They had started almost three months ago on the 4th of August, eventually spread over a wide area and culminated in a wall of fire that came down the valley here in Valle Gran Rey, damaging/destroying about 100 houses (see previous posts). The fires became more and more difficult to control and even propagated underground through roots and organic material.
The recent rains will speed up recovery and many areas are showing fresh green shoots, but the overall damage to the ecosystem is still considerable, as is the economic damage.
One of the worst affected areas after the fire
Fresh green shoots and new hope in Valle Gran Rey (taken even before the rains)

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