Sunday, November 25, 2012

Morning shower ! (taken at 9am) It did brighten up after that.
For more information on the weather situation go to previous post or click:

Weather warnings in Canary Islands Nov. 25th+26th

Chart for today
UPDATE 3:30 pm:
The rain this morning wasn't too bad and the wind  is still moderate, but meteorologists
here say that the low pressure system is only a little bit slower than expected in its development and that there is more to come. All warnings remain in effect until Tuesday morning or until further notice. I'll keep you informed.
UPDATE 9:30 pm:
No new developments to report. In the west of Ireland the day would have been called 'a soft day'...
Warnings for tonight and tomorrow remain, though.
Stormy skies, but the next sunny spell is coming in from the west... (taken at 3:30 pm)

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