Friday, February 20, 2015

President's candidature rejected by own party

La Gomera's long-serving president has hit the headlines once again. I'll give you the report of Wednesday's surprise news: 
Curbelo election snub likely to lead to new party
La Gomera is at the centre of local politics in the Canaries today following the news that the island's veteran president has been snubbed by his party for the May elections and may well carry out his threat to create his own party to stay in charge 
La Gomera - 19.02.2015 - Despite a string of corruption allegations down the years, including accusations that he has amassed a personal fortune through his political influence, Cabildo president Casimiro Curbelo is a hugely popular figure on the small island, which he has "ruled" since 1991 and represented it in the Spanish Senate  for nearly two decades. Scandals in recent years, particularly his "you don't know who you are dealing with" outburst when he was arrested during a drunken fracas at a Madrid lap-dancing club, have led his PSOE party to distance itself from him of late, including forcing him to resign from the Senate, and the split was confirmed last night when it was announced that he would not be chosen to run again in May. The news has been welcomed in some quarters, who feel Curbelo's time is over and La Gomera can no longer be run on a political favours basis or - in keeping with a PSOE election promise - by someone with charges hanging over him. However, many others have pledged support for the controversial figure and are prepared to back him if he sets up his own party to remain in charge at the Cabildo. A populist Curbelo party is predicted to have serious chances of gaining control of several town halls in La Gomera also.

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