Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Controversial project nearing completion

The central section around the bridge
A new road will branch off at the roundabout
The building project of channeling the last mile or so of the barranco, the mostly dry river bed, in Valle Gran Rey is now finally nearing completion. The work began a few years ago amid massive protests and many changes were made to the original plans. Then more than a year ago work stopped completely and the large building site was fenced off and left unfinished. Lately the diggers and trucks have come back and it is hoped that the dust will eventually settle, leaving the lower barranco as a concrete and stone channel with associated site works such as car parking, a new road and some green areas. Curiously some of the previously carried out work has been pulled down again, e.g. lines of kerbstones and a stretch of the concrete channel near the sea. Another change of the plans ?
A work of warning: Do not enter the channel itself at its end as there is absolutely no way out anywhere further up.
Image taken from the bridge

One of several gabion walls further up the river bed intended to slow down flash floods. This one had become a difficult obstacle for walkers following the barranco path, but as can be seen an elevated new path is now provided across it 

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