Sunday, February 22, 2015

La Gomera's mountains claim more victims

It was a busy and dangerous evening for the rescue helicopter from neighbouring El Hierro island yesterday. First it was called out to Valle Gran Rey to attend to a woman who was descending from the mountains near the chapel of Los Reyes in El Guro fell and suffered a leg fracture. The area where the victim was situated proved to be extremely dangerous for the helicopter to approach and the very gusty winds plus some fog and drizzle created additional hazards. After several attempts the chopper finally managed to set down rescuers nearby who got the victim into a position from where she could be winched up on a stretcher. She was then flown to the island's hospital in San Sebastian de La Gomera. There the helicopter was needed once again as a local man had fallen into a steep ravine nearby and died. With the help of the chopper it was hoped to recover the body, but owing to the extremely difficult terrain and the approaching dark this mission had to be aborted. This morning the man's remains were still there and recovery efforts continue.
Images showing attempts to approach the victim behind this ridge of mountain in Valle Gran Rey yesterday

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