Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coast road being eroded further by waves

Council finishing the clean-up yesterday. Note the rough state of beach
The big waves over the past few days that forced the temporary closure of the coast road between La Puntilla and La Playa in Valle Gran Rey at one stage even endangered the carnival proceedings in the Plaza San Pedro, where crews from the town hall had to clear sand, gravel and other debris that were swept onto the plaza by the waves that had been flooding part of the area at high tide before.

Yesterday's parade and the following party went ahead with only minor disruption by the heavy seas. However the situation regarding the above mentioned road is further deteriorating and the holes in the road are gradually getting larger while the old protective wall is further slipping into the sea and breaking up. This stretch of the road was built many years ago onto the beach across the lowest part of the land where the sea and beach had once been a good bit further inland. Now it seems the waves are claiming back their former territory. Several times in the past the road had been undermined
Collapsing defences yesterday
there, but every time the holes were quickly filled with large boulders and concrete, keeping the defences up. Now due to the wrangling over responsibilities the road was left to itself. The dangerous part was simply fenced off and traffic diverted via a short stretch of the old track inland below the coast road. For many years plans have existed to build a new promenade there plus there are plans for a new main road further up. It would also make sense to build simple breakwaters at both ends of the bay which would protect it, make it safer for swimming and keep the sand and gravel on the beach where it is wanted as an amenity and will protect the coastline.
It is a bit absurd to see the state the coastline is in now, and then turn your head inland to see the large building site in the barranco a few yards away where countless tons of stones and concrete are being used in the channelling of the barranco that no one wanted done, but which will cost in excess of seven million Euros, while just behind you the road has been left to crumble away for nearly a year.
Soon the sea may breach the road completely. Image taken around half tide yesterday.
Steel waste bin wave-beaten to a sculpture

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