Thursday, October 31, 2013

Study to turn lighthouses into hotels

The harbour authority of the Spanish government which administers lighthouses around the coast is to study the possibility to turn lighthouses in the Canary Islands into small hotels. La Gomera's president has welcomed the 'interesting' initiative. There is a beautiful lighthouse, the Faro San Cristobal, near San Sebastian de La Gomera which would lend itself to conversion. This lighthouse still operates but  like most European lighthouses it now runs automatically and doesn't need keepers anymore. The substantial keepers' quarters, offices and stores would make a nice boutique hotel. In Ireland several lighthouses have already been successfully converted into B+B's and ho(s)tels and recently the Irish government has announced the conversion of another 30 lighthouses. The idea would suit La Gomera and could be successful here as well.
...would make a hotel with spectacular views.
Faro San Cristobal on La Gomera...

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