Sunday, October 06, 2013

Guest writers wanted

The Gomeran Gossip
To open up this blog and to make it more interesting I want to invite ALL those with an interest in La Gomera to write posts for publication here. Whether you're a resident or a visitor or whatever your connection with La Gomera is, your personal viewpoint is most welcome. It may be a one-off contribution or a series of posts. Photos and works of art are also welcome for showing-off here. You may write anonymously or under your own name and there won't be any limitations to your creativity.
A few years ago an English-language magazine 'The Gomeran Gossip' was published here, to which I contributed an article, but after a successful launch and the release of issue number one it sadly perished because the publisher went back to Britain after having been offered a job as a journalist with a newspaper there. Nobody else had the time nor the patience to continue the work and most of its former collaborators have moved on. Since then nothing much has been published on or about La Gomera in English while there is a substantial flow of publications in Spanish and in German. Let's remedy this situation and to help you'll please start writing soon - ANYTHING. If you're interested in seeing your work, or anything  you've encountered on the web, (re-)published on my blah,blah,blog, please contact me  with your email address through the comments option below this post. Don't worry, I will not publish these contact comments and I'll never show your e-mail address. Don't be shy ...and thousands of readers might appreciate your contribution. Let's Gomera !
...and if it doesn't work out just let this old KitKat TV commercial give you a break:

Thanks to La Gomera resident Alexius Jorgensen for allowing me to use his stunningly beautiful photographs. Here's one of them called 'The Power of Magica Gomera':

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