Thursday, October 24, 2013

Major wildfire on Gran Canaria - updated

A major wildfire with more than one front has been raging in the Cruz de Tejeda region on Gran Canaria since 11am this morning and the flames are still not under control as I write, forcing the evacuation of villagers in the area and road closures. At least three houses are said to have been burnt down. Let's just hope and pray that the showers expected for later today and tonight will materialise. The rising winds are not helping though.
Click for video:El viento propaga y dificulta la extinción del incendio de Gran Canaria - Noticias
Update at midnight:
The fires are still out of control, but weather conditions are 'favourable to have the blaze stabilised by Saturday or Sunday' according to officials. The photo below was taken just before dark. See their photo gallery
NB: Resorts and tourist facilities are NOT affected. The fires are in a remote rural area in the mountains and will hardly be noticed by most tourists.There is NO threat at all to touristic areas.

UPDATE Friday Oct. 25th 2013, 10am:
The situation appears to have improved a lot and according to some unconfirmed reports the fires have been brought under control.
+++At lunchtime it was officially confirmed that the situation has been 'stabilised'.
UPDATE Saturday, Oct.26th 2013: 
The fire has finally been extinguished.

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