Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lizard on Beans with Toast

All summer and into autumn young and newly-hatched lizards flit about at speed everywhere on La Gomera and they are very curious and inquisitive. They don't respect your home like their mature counterparts do and they use the tiniest opening to enter. Finding a way out again is a lot more difficult for them and often needs the gentle help and lots of patience of the evicting landlord. I just rediscovered some photos I took a few years ago when one of the little intruders had made it into a temptingly open pack of dry beans, only to discover that uncooked they were inedible. The smooth inner surface of the pack prevented escape until the noises in the cupboard were heard. Then first the failed robber's mugshot was taken and the case was mulled over. Finally the probation act was applied with subsequent release into freedom. Further, a crumb of toast was given because the little rascal hadn't got anything to eat in self-imposed captivity and was found completely exhausted from struggling with organic food.

Enjoying the view from your bean bag seat ?

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