Monday, October 07, 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel ?

Government of the Canary Islands S&R helicopter in action
The following report was published by a few days ago and comes after some more positive news of unemployment figures slowly beginning to drop, demand for property picking up a little and visitor numbers showing an increase:
"The Canarian authorities have promised not to make any new cuts in the key areas of health, education and social services, despite the latest austerity measures announced by the national government for 2014 
Just days after Madrid announced details of the policy areas that will see budgets trimmed even further as of January, the Canarian government used yesterday's cabinet meeting to give public assurances that it will not follow suit, even though the amount of funding the region receives from Spain is likely to fall for the coming year. The promise was made by official spokesman Martín Marrero, who said that comments made by the Canaries' health minister 24 hours earlier about likely cuts had been "misinterpreted". "We intend to pull out all the stops to ensure health in particular does not suffer further, no matter what Madrid says we should do. We will show that there are other ways to tackle the crisis without simply making more cuts" explained Marrero."

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