Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Fiesta Continues

The great fiesta (see previous post The Great Fiesta ) continues, and tonight a candlelight procession passed my house.  The statue of the 'Virgen de los Reyes' was carried shoulder-high to spend the night in a small chapel nearby,  one of the many stops on her journey through the extensive parish, until she will be finally back 'at home' in her church in early January for the culmination of the festivities. It always amazes me that the church services are poorly attended in Catholic Spain, but the fiestas and processions draw big crowds. Maybe it is the food and drink that is freely available...
Beautiful clear sky just before the procession tonight

Worshippers and tourists coming to see the 'Virgen de los Reyes' (left of altar), just arrived in the chapel 
The pavement is typically decorated with pictures made ot dyed salt
 Free food an drink
awaiting the crowd

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