Thursday, December 20, 2012

End Of The World Party

Local rock band 'Wisdom Weed', known for their 'last' concerts will be playing another 'final' gig tomorrow, when the world will end according to some:
If the world does indeed continue to exist, then there is plenty of action to be enjoyed in the harbour area of Valle Gran Rey here on La Gomera on Saturday, Dec. 22nd. There will be all kinds of live music in the streets of the village from early evening on, and the shops will remain open until midnight with special offers and drinks and snacks for free. This is the annual 'noche blanca' (white night) Christmas shopping promotion. 
After that, there will be a DJ night on the new pier with lots of DJs to keep you entertained until daybreak, in fine weather with a temperature of around 20ºC forecast.

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