Friday, December 07, 2012

Pageant last night

Last night a pageant in the harbour of Valle Gran Rey re-enacted the arrival of this painting many years ago:
According to local lore a Portuguese merchant brig or a pirate sailing ship (depending on the narrator) anchored in the the natural harbour of Valle Gran Rey and the sailors rowed ashore looking for provisions and water, sometime in the middle of the last millenium.The area was very sparsely populated in those days, and the the locals were very poor but they made the sailors welcome and brought goats cheese, honey, water and more to provision the ship. They were promised the religious painting  above in return for the goods and a feast to celebrate the deal was held on the beach. When the locals were asleep the sailors re-took the painting and tried to steal away, but the previously calm weather suddenly changed to a storm that made it impossible for them to leave the bay. They repented and  returned the painting to the locals. Miraculously the weather immediately calmed again and they could continue their journey. The much venerated painting has since been housed in the oldest church in Valle Gran Rey which is the focal point of the annual fiesta of Epiphany (see:The Great Fiesta).
Here some images of last night's reenactment:

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