Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Major Recording Studio For La Gomera

''Eclectic Quality''

A few years ago musician and producer Peter Van Hooke (best known for his work with Van Morrison and Mike Rutherford, and the TV show 'Live From Abbey Road') bought a secluded house near Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera and started a recording studio which soon attracted major artists like Bjork to the island. His plans for expansion were thwarted by the fact that the area is environmentally protected and the authorities could not give planning permission. Now Peter is coming back with a larger project for which he has teamed up with one of the best known studios in the world, AIR Studios of London, and  P. Olsen (of the shipping dynasty) who owns a former tomato cannery near Playa Santiago on La Gomera, known as 'La Roseta'. This disused building is being converted into a large studio complex with the help of British designer and engineer known as John T.M.. Work was progressing nicely on my last visit, and many unusual and interesting features will be included, e.g. a landscaped outdoor swimming pool overlooking the Atlantic, etc..
Artists will be accommodated in private luxury houses belonging to the Olsen family.
I'll quote the site of the promoting Olsen company :
"Richard Boote, Peter Van Hooke and Petter Olsen have teamed up to create a residential recording studio on the  island of La Gomera  in the  Canaries. Richard Boote  is the  owner  and business entrepreneur of AIR Studios in London. Peter Van Hooke is a world renowned musician, television and music producer,  and the  creator  of the ‘Live  From Abbey Road’ television series which is broadcast in over 120 countries. Petter  Olsen is the partner/owner  of Olsen Shipping Lines and a prominent figure and major land owner on La Gomera.
This major opportunity has arisen due to the existence of Peter Van Hooke’s personal recording studio on La  Gomera and Petter  Olsen’s appreciation of both the artists the studio has already attracted to the island which all resonate with his interest in the arts and the establishing of a major international arts centre on the island. Peter’s studio became very successful, attracting artists such as Bjork, David Saw, Paul Carrack, Mike and The Mechanics etc.
What quickly became apparent was that there was, and still is, a demand for a larger facility allowing artists to take up residence and concentrate  on their business, namely the making and recording of music. Unfortunately planning issues did not allow for the expansion of the existing facility and it was at that point that Petter  Olsen expressed an interest in becoming involved in the project and offered the properties that will now form the recording studio complex.
Add to this the introduction  of Richard Boote, owner and business brain of the world-renowned AIR Studios in London, and the picture is complete. The history of AIR Studios reads likes a ‘who’s who’ of popular music culture and it’s reputation as one of the best recording facilities in the world adds a stamp of quality to this exciting new prospect.
The intent is to now develop a studio that will be called AIR La Gomera. The use of the AIR brand and its resources provides the final touch to what will be a facility located in a unique and inspiring setting, backed up by the technical excellence that  AIR Studios is renowned for, giving artists the true freedom needed to create.
Air La Gomera will be built in a converted factory owned by Petter Olsen and situated in La Roseta in the province of Santiago. The conversion has been designed by Dave Bell of White Mark, one of the top studio designers in the world  who has designed and implemented scores of projects at major facilities throughout the world including AIR London, Real World, Hit Factory (New York).
White Mark will work in conjunction with Terra Fortunata’s architects, based on Tenerife, who will be  responsible  for  all the design  and  building regulations  for  the  rest   of  the  building. Local builders will be  used  for  the  construction  and conversion of the building.The studio will feature SSL’s  latest  console, the  Duality, and  be  based around a Pro Tools system. In addition, the effects and other facilities will equal those at Abbey Road, AIR London and other  acclaimed facilities.
The    concept   is   to     recreate    La   Gomera’s inspirational atmosphere  in a world-class studio with a large, comfortable control  room  so that artists and producers  will be able to work in a relaxed, creative enviroment and make music that reflects both the islands creativity and that of the studio layout."

'AIR Studios' in London is one of the most important facilities in the world, founded by the legendary producer of 'The Beatles', Sir George Martin, who has now handed over the reigns to Richard Boote . Their list of clients reads like a 'Who's Who' of the music industry and goes from Shirley Bassey to U2. They've also produced the soundtracks for many celluloid blockbusters.

In Playa Santiago designer and mechanical engineer John is working hard on site to make things happen. The roof construction was a challenge, as the old rusty tin roof was retained as a feature while a secondary new roof with acoustic and thermal insulation had to be constructed below that. 
John is also working on a project of his own design. It is an aircraft-propellor driven speedboat with a futuristic look, powered by a converted, air cooled VW beetle engine.John has previously designed and built racing cars and boats all over the world. His latest work will be a stunner when finished and I must say the unique seat is very comfortable:

UPDATE: 5 Years later and the recoding studio still hasn't opened, and probably never will now.


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