Monday, December 03, 2012

Richard M. Lee still missing + UPDATE July '13

It has been 8 weeks now since holidaying British citizen Richard Michael Lee was last seen in San Sebastian de la Gomera (see 3 previous posts in October). Sadly, the investigation has not produced any more information regarding his disappearance...
I've come across another photograph of the missing 56-year-old man, which is different to the passport image released by police here, and shows him wearing spectacles. I'm posting both below in the hope that someone may have seen the missing person.
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Update July 2013:
On Wednesday, June 19th 2013, the body of a man was found at the bottom of a steep ravine near La Gomera's capital San Sebastian. The corpse was described by the police as being in 'an advanced stage of decomposition' and it was speculated that it may have been the body of missing British citizen R.M.Lee. It also appears that the listing of him as missing on '' has been taken off the website shortly after the find, fuelling speculation that it was his body. Anyway,the case appears to have been closed.
I would like to offer my sympathies to his family and friends.
New photo R.M.Lee
Passport photo R.M.Lee

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