Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some rain at last in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera

After another very warm and sunny day the first light shower after a very long time fell in lower Valle Gran Rey,producing a beautiful double rainbow (above) at around 7pm yesterday. The lower part of the valley rarely gets rain, but in the upper valley the winters usually are fresher with more frequent showers. 
This weekend we might get a few more isolated showers in the Canary Islands.

Nadine a hurricane again

She just won't give up: Nadine reached hurricane force (category 1) once again yesterday and is forecast to be around for at least another five days, but gradually weakening. The motion is again in a northerly direction for about 36-48 hours more and after that it is not very clear where she might head. Nadine could affect the Azores again. That's what you call 'going around in circles'. 
For more detailed information click on the NHC link on the top right.

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