Friday, September 28, 2012

Nadine strengthening again

Tropical storm Nadine just doesn't give up and is now reported to be reaching winds of almost hurricane force again. However the system is too far away from La Gomera now to have any significant effect on our weather.
Unconnected to Nadine a little rain fell in some parts of the island yesterday, but overall the amount was too small to bring about a rapid recovery after the drought. Other parts of the Canary Islands had more luck and even some heavier rainfalls were reported there.

Royals visit La Gomera

The prince and princess of Asturias visited La Gomera yesterday and toured areas affected by the fires. The heir to the Spanish crown expressed his solidarity with the people of La 
Gomera. The visit ended with a short stroll in the still-intact forest of El Cedro.
The turnout at the reception in the village square of Chipude was very small at only about 100+ people (despite a lot of publicity ahead of the visit and calls to attend by the island's president), probably due to the fact that many people in the Canaries see
themselves not as Spanish, but as 'Canarios' who were brutally colonised by Spain more than 500 years ago. More Canary Islands' than Spanish flags were waved by those attending. The overall tone of the visit was very informal and friendly, though.

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