Friday, September 14, 2012

Fires still not completely extinguished

Tomorrow it will be six weeks since the initial fires started. Today they are still smouldering mostly underground in several places, and surfacing every now and again to cause renewed flames. Experts estimate that only the first rains after the summer can put  them out completely.
Meanwhile rebuilding and further cleaning up is in progress. Plans are being drawn up to prevent any future fires to spread as rapidly as they did in the densely populated Upper Valle Gran Rey. These would include the planting of more fire-resistant trees in the centre of the valley, projects to cultivate and irrigate abandoned agricultural land, and the removal of highly inflammable materials (i.e. dead vegetation, building materials, plastic, etc.).
The good news is that the temperature has been dropping considerably during this week and is now back to normal levels for September.
During a tour of the island yesterday the air even felt very fresh while testing a newly-opened walk along a cascading little stream in the beautiful 'El Rejo' area. The water in the stream is pure and tastes really good - and it was as cold as if it had been in a fridge.
The tour also showed the vast areas in all parts of the island that are completely untouched.
Unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera, so I leave you with a photo of 'Chorros de Epina' (our 'holy well') , which is the same as ever today, despite the drought:

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