Sunday, January 04, 2015

You need a change...

...and feel unique on the unique island of La Gomera - that about sums up the Spanish voice-over in this well produced promotional video. I'm looking forward now to the upcoming visit to my favourite Canary Island next week and I promise to report 'live' from there once again.


Ut på tur said...

Hello. I am trying to connect to the webcameras you have linked to. None of them is working, is there something wrong with my computer or are the webcams down?

Willie La Gomera said...

the webcams are working fine, I've just tested them. Only the Puntilla one is down as it was weather-damaged but this should soon be online again according to their website. Maybe you need to update the relevant software on your device to view the live pictures ? I've tested them on Apple and on Windows systemss just now and got live pictures without any problems.