Friday, January 16, 2015

Ron Howard's new movie to be released much later

While trailer and poster still say that the Ron Howard movie In the Heart of the Sea, which was partially shot here on La Gomera late 2013 will be released on March 13th, the latest post on the film's facebook site (see below) now states that it won't be released until December 11th 2015. Ron Howard has posted a reply stating that he favours this later release. 
We'll soon find out if we really have to wait almost nine additional months to see it. Personally I feel that  it suits the mood of the story better than early spring.
However, in my opinion Friday, November 20th 2015 would be the perfect day for the release as it is the day of the 195th anniversary of the whale attacking the Essex.

‪#‎IntheHeartoftheSea‬ will now be released on December 11th, 2015.
Award season aside I've always felt Nov/Dec was the best time of year for people to experience ‪#‎IntheHeartoftheSea‬
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UPDATE: The official website for the film has now changed the release date:

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