Friday, January 02, 2015

Great farewell session

I am packing to travel to La Gomera and will arrive once again next week. I 'accidentally' got a great send-off with a dozen musicians playing a stormer of a traditional music session for charity last night - and I won a bottle of French champagne in the raffle (to be kept here to celebrate my return soon). My 'replacement' (due to injury) was an eight-year-old girl who played in a lovely style. I will miss all the music and all the musical variety when I'm in the Canaries, though. Ireland is just ROCKING with all kinds of high quality music, thank God. That brings in many extra tourists, too... and often the music is VERY LOUD and boisterous. To enjoy life, live music music is essential. 'Music is food for the soul', they say around here. 
A very funky night one Monday in one Irish  bar/restaurant. Half the crowd was Spanish tourists...
...enjoying the freedom of high quality live music anywhere almost anytime.

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