Thursday, January 08, 2015

La Gomera weatherman working like a slave

I had drawn the attention to this story in a Canary Islands weather forum recently, but here's how reports the poor working conditions at La Gomera's airport weather station:
La Gomera airport lounge
“Slave” weatherman
The plight of the only person currently manning the Met Office’s weather station at La Gomera airport has been highlighted by a local trade union, which says he is being forced to work like a slave due the lack of personnel.
08.01.2015 - Union CSIF says that the long-term sick leave of the head of station and the departure of another Met Office employee at the tiny airport means that the only remaining member of staff has been working 21 days in a row, on shifts of 11 hours, to make sure weather data are collected and entered into the system.  The union demanded a meeting with the head of the Spanish Met Office recently to discuss the working conditions, which are in breach of working time regulations.  It has also written formal complaints to various Government departments at regional and national level. 

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