Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weather returning to normal today

As you can see in the webcam picture of the harbour of San Sebastian de La Gomera taken at 9am the weather has calmed and is returning to the pleasant conditions that are one of the main attractions of the Canary Islands.
All weather warnings for La Gomera have now expired except a remaining one of rough seas which will end at 12 noon today.
The outlook for the next few days is for mostly sunny conditions with maximum temperature in the mid-20s ÂșC, moderate winds, and only some scattered showers - most of those in the north of the island.
La Gomera has escaped the recent storm relatively unscathed, but drive carefully as there may still be some debris on the roads. In the national park there is a lot of foliage and some branches on the roads and this will take some time to be cleared - see image below by :

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Gerardo said...

Willie, great updates on the weather. We have been watching with interest as we were due to arrive on La Gomera today, Sunday. All went well except that when we arrived to get the 8.45 Armas ferry we were told that the boat was broken when we tried to board. Cue panic but we managed to get on the Fred Olsen (no help from Armas) and are now here and enjoying today's warm sun. Anyway we have followed your blog with interest - keep up the good work.
Gerry, Louise & Susan.