Monday, November 17, 2014

'Majesty' cruise ship visits Valle Gran Rey

The huge (570 ft) cruise liner Thomson Majesty docked in the port of Vueltas in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera early yesterday (Sunday) morning and stayed until late lunchtime. The restaurants, cafes and a few shops in Vueltas that open on Sundays were kept very busy as many of the estimated 1500 passengers explored the area. It was the first time a cruise ship of such dimensions berthed in Vueltas and her Majesty took up the entire length of the pier in the outer harbour. The visit was due to a very busy cruise holiday season and the pier of La Gomera's capital was occupied by another cruise ship.

By the way, the Thomson Majesty was in the headlines in February of 2013 when five of her crew died in an accident during a safety drill while visiting neighbouring La Palma island.  Read: Five crew die on cruise ship 'Thomson Majesty'
Thomson Majesty leaving Valle Gran Rey bound for Funchal on Madeira yesterday


Grant said...

What an horrendous sight...the beginning of the end for VGR. I'm glad I saw Gomera as it was years ago.

La Gomera said...

the tourist always likes the locals riding donkeys, living on stale bread that the visitor throws to them while receiving gifts of handcrafts.
By the way, in the 80's VGR was so full of tourists that there wasn't enough accommodation and hundreds had to sleep out in the open. Thankfully it isn't that over-run anymore.